Annett is a german architect and visual artist. Born and raised in Germany, she became interested in Art and Design at a very young age. Her passion for spatial structures, technical dependancies, materials and textures, inspired her degree in architecture. After graduating with a diploma degree in architecture at Technische Universität Dortmund, she worked as a researcher at the chair of environmental architecture contributing to several research projects focussing on the development of innovative energy saving design concepts and prototypes. During her work in various architecture offices in Germany and the UK she gained extensive experience in all stages of the architectural process; with projects varying from new development, to extension, refurbishment and competitions in the commercial, residential and cultural sector. Her expertise lies in her design skills, with special focus on sustainable design and a substantial technical knowledge; incorporating interior design and the entire building envelope.

With an evolving interest in contemporary social relations she started to pursue in art, following her fascination investigating the conscious and subconscious aspects of human perception. Blurring the limitations between physical reality and imagination, her artwork is an exploration deconstructing the now considering the demons living in us and the fear over ones own absurdity. Engaging subjects such as psychological tests, the referencing of anatomical figures and reminiscence of magnetic resonance imaging, or the multi-layered experimental abstract surfaces inspired by organic or man-made structures, she translates and arranges them into a new conceptual context. While using a variety of materials and processes, her artwork tends to be expressive yet fragmentary inviting the viewer to an individual introspection.