• transition I

    mixed media installation.
    Elaborated on motifs like disconnection, identity and ambiguity, the project 
    'transition is a state of mind' is exploring the demons living in us and 
    the fear over ones own absurdity. Blurring the limitations between physical 
    reality and imagination, the illustrations appear like surreal visualizations 
    of our internal architecture. Engaging subjects such as psychological tests, in 
    which the viewer´s perception of inkblots is recorded and analyzed in order to 
    detect personality characteristics and emotional functioning, or the referencing
    of anatomical figures and reminiscence of magnetic resonance imaging, they are 
    translated and arranged into a new conceptual context inviting the viewer to an 
    individual perception.
    steel | glas | led | chinese ink | digital collage | boxes 610x860x80mm 
    Copyright © Annett Emembolu. All rights reserved.